Dedication and hard work vs. subjugation and fiefdom

In scanning my blog posts you may notice a heavy bias and advocation towards flexibility and giving employees their time back.  As a result of the old paradigm of time = performance many may read them and think I am not a hard worker or an advocate of hard work…yet here I sit at 6am on a SATURDAY thinking about work.  And I do not feel as though it is a travesty that I am working on a normal “day off.”  The reason, because I am a hard worker, I want to live up to (and exceed) the expectations of my organization, I want to become better at what I do.  What makes this easy for me to do at 6am on a Saturday (when there is much fresh snow to be skied) is I have balance.  Quite honestly, I would rather work today and ski on a Tuesday…there are far fewer people on the hill and I get fresh tracks for hours instead of minutes.  This is the beauty of focusing on results and not presence as a performance metric.

Am I a hard worker?  You bet.  Do I believe in being passionate, dedicated, and diligent in my professional pursuits? Absolutely. Would I work more than 40 hours a week to complete a project? Undeniably, yes.  Do I expect to have time with my family and control over my life?  Yes.  None of those things are in contradiction.  I do some of my best thinking at 4am…well before any of my colleagues even think of crawling out of bed.  So you tell me, am I a hard worker by producing results at 4am while others lazily snooze the morning away?


2 thoughts on “Dedication and hard work vs. subjugation and fiefdom

  1. The point is not about working hard or working long, but about getting results. Finish your work on time. Everything else is secondary. Flexibility and getting time back occurs naturally from focusing on results.

  2. Amen, Chris! Sadly some people mix ‘time spent’ with ‘results’ as a performance metric as if spending twice as long on something equals a better result. Seems kind of backwards if you want your employees to search for efficiencies.

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