Leadership v. Management

Now I am not here to keep score or say which one is better.  Despite the world’s predilection with polarity, the business world does not exist in a world of right and wrong, and similarly there is no “best” when it comes to leadership or management.  Each has value on its own in the appropriate circumstance, and likewise, holding rigidly to one when the other is called for can result in negative results as well.  This short article is not about the better of one or the other, but merely something I observed the other day regarding a difference between these two concepts

The difference is in a subtle, yet significant, perspective regarding outcomes and resources.  A more “management” perspective analyzes the resources at hand and sets to work to accomplish as much as it can with those resources.  A more “leadership” perspective determines what outcomes it desires and then gets the appropriate resources it needs to accomplish them.  And this is where I say both are valuable when used at the appropriate times.  So one person may at times need to make the best of what is at hand, and at other times must chart a path and acquire resources.  Both are meaningful, and both are important abilities for companies to encourage.



One thought on “Leadership v. Management

  1. Good points – even more so because those people we Call either leaders or managers are usually paid to dó both: to lead and manage a group OF people!

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