Generation Y and eLearning

ELearning Rooms at UC-BCF

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While it is very true that Generation Y (those born between 1980-1995), also known as “millenials”, grew up with the internet, wikipedia, txting, Facebook, Google, and email, the fact that they are more technologically adept than previous generations does not mean they value eLearning over other forms of training and development.  This may explain why companies are unhappy with results after spending grand amounts of money converting to an eLearning delivery platform. The people just don’t want it as much as other forms of learning.

According to a recent (and on going) study by the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) set to appear in Issue 6 of the IEDP’s publication, Developing Leaders magazine, different generations tend to react very similarly to how they engage and are motivated to learn. In fact, though GenXers and Millenials respond slightly more favorably to blended learning, CCL’s research indicated “all generations are less motivated to learn through technology-based methods like online learning, simulations and distance learning.

So before you spend tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars converting to training a la mode; remember, eLearning, class-room based training, on the job training, feedback intensive sessions, etc. are only delivery tools for learning – they are not the learning itself.  If you want to help people learn, make sure you are picking the right tools so you can get the greatest level of impact. If you don’t know which tools to use…hire a training professional. It’s what we do.


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