Peak Alignment is an organizational consulting firm that focuses on increasing performance though effectively aligning organizational systems, leadership capability, and clarity of vision.  Most companies spend so much time on strategy and how to get where they are going that they forget to analyze the organizational systems that will be required to execute strategic plans.  Peak Alignment analyzes breakdowns in performance and creates holistic solutions that can produce immediate results and help create sustained success.

Peak Alignment blog is a leadership blog to help managers, leaders, employees, and other consultants be more effective, make more informed choices, and increase their organizational impact.  I synthesize different perspectives and generate actionable options to create a realistic view of what can be done to help your organizational life be more fulfilling and more sustainable.  In short,  Peak Alignment tries to help the workplace be awesome.

When using any of the data or articles written on Peak Alignment, please refer back to this page or give author credit.  I appreciate that my information is useful to some and gets duplicated as a result, I would just ask that credit is given where credit is due.

Best Regards,

Dave Needham, Peak Alignment

Want my help? Call me 970.409.8225


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